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“Alexander is Actually Amazing! Our students loved him! He was funny and engaging for children and adults with a sense of humor!”

— Lynn R.

“Truely Amazing! My husband and I have had so much fun watching Alexander the Amazing’s shows! 100% this is who you want to book with, his shows are fun for All ages!”

— Ari M.

"living up to his name alexander the amazing, is an expert at working a crowd!"


Some of our Amazingly Satisfied Clients


Alexander The Amazing (Alexander M Knapp) throws confetti. This sophisticated performing artist producer of extraordinary magics and disciplined spreader of enjoyment is a gifted performer in everyway; a master circus performer, theatre actor, magician expert, and wonder inducer. Hiring Alexander The Amazing is one of the seven habits of exceptionally entertained people!

Large Audience

A modern day vaudevillian

Alexander show has magic, juggling, song and dance, storytelling and more. 

Alex performs as Alexander The Amazing and with Bang Boom Circus Traveling the world using his powers for good.

Ready to make your event amazing?

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